Reviewer checklist

Status: Stub

Check the getting started guide for an introduction to developing in the standard library.

If you'd like to reassign the PR, you can:

r? @user

Before you review

  • Is this a stabilization or deprecation?
    • Make sure there's a completed FCP somewhere for it.
    • Ping @rust-lang/libs for input.

As you review

Look out for code considerations:

Before you merge

  • Is the commit log tidy? Avoid merge commits, these can be squashed down.
  • Can this change be rolled up?
  • Is this a new unstable feature?
    • Create a tracking issue.
    • Update the #[unstable] attributes to point to it.

When you're ready

Use @bors to merge the pull request.

To roll up:

@bors r+ rollup

or just:

@bors r+