Building and Debugging the library crates

Most of the instructions from the rustc-dev-guide also apply to the standard library since it is built with the same build system, so it is recommended to read it first.

Println-debugging alloc and core

Since logging and IO APIs are not available in alloc and core advice meant for the rest of the compiler is not applicable here.

Instead one can either extract the code that should be tested to a normal crate and add debugging statements there or on POSIX systems one can use the following hack:

fn main() {
extern "C" {
    fn dprintf(fd: i32, s: *const u8, ...);

macro_rules! dbg_printf {
    ($s:expr) => {
        unsafe { dprintf(2, "%s\0".as_ptr(), $s as *const u8); }

fn function_to_debug() {
    let dbg_str = format!("debug: {}\n\0", "hello world");

Then one can run a test which exercises the code to debug and show the error output via

./ test library/alloc --test-args <test_name> --test-args --nocapture