Library Contributors

Membership to Library Contributors can be offered by the Library Team once a regular contributor has made a number of significant contributions over some period of time, and has shown to have a good judgement on what changes are acceptable.

The Library Team and Library API Team

The Library Team and Library API Team pick their own members, although it's expected that new members come from the Library Contributors or another Rust team, and have already been involved in relevant library work.

The process

In all cases, the process of adding a new members goes as follows:

  1. A member of the Library (API) Team proposes the addition of a contributor on our private Zulip channel. This proposal includes:
    • A short description of what this person has been working on; how they have been contributing.
    • A few specific examples of cases where this person clearly communicated their ideas.
    • A few specific examples that show this person understands what are and what aren't acceptable changes.
      Someone who makes significant contributions but usually needs to make large adjustments to their PRs might be a wonderful external contributor, but might not yet be a good match for membership with review permissions expecting to judge other contributions.
  2. Every single team member is asked for their input. No team member must have any objections.
    • Objections are ideally shared with the entire team, but may also be shared privately with the team lead or the moderation team.
    • Objections ideally include examples showing behavior not in line with the expectations described under step 1 (or the code of conduct).
  3. The team lead reaches out to the moderation team to ask if they are aware of any objections.
  4. Only once the team members and the moderation team agree, the new contributor is invited to join.
  5. If the new contributor agrees too, a PR is sent to the team repository to add them.
  6. A blog post is published in the Internals Blog with a short introduction of the new contributor. The contents of this post can be based on some of the points brought up in the email from step 1. The contents are first checked with the new contributor before it is published.