Currently, both the Library Team and the Library API Team have a weekly hour-long meeting. Both meetings are open to non-members by default, although some might be (partially) private when agenda topics require that.

The meetings are held as video calls through Jitsi, but everyone is welcome to join without video or even audio. If you want to participate in meeting discussions through text, you can do so through Jitsi's chat function.

Meetings and their agendas are announced in the #t-libs/meetings channel on Zulip.

Agendas are generated by the fully-automatic-rust-libs-team-triage-meeting-agenda-generator, which will include all relevant issues and PRs, such as those tagged with I-nominated or S-waiting-on-team.

If you have any specific topics you'd like to have discussed in a meeting, feel free to open an issue on the libs-team repository and mark it as I-nominated and T-libs or T-libs-api. Or just leave a message in the Zulip channel.

All the meetings, including those of the library working groups, can be found on our Google Calendar:

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