Reviewing target-specific code

When reviewing target-specific code, depending on the tier of the target in question, different level of scrutiny is expected from reviewers.

For tier 1 targets, the reviewer should perform a full review of the code. Essentially treat the code as not platform specific.

For tier 2 and tier 3 targets, the reviewer should confirm that the code:

  • Only affects 1 or more of such targets (i.e., is truly target-specific)
  • Does not introduce new licensing hazards (e.g., license headers or similar)
  • Is either proposed by a target maintainer1 or has pinged and received +1s from at least one target maintainer. Where no maintainer is present, look for whether the author is reputable and/or affiliated with the target in some way (e.g., authored original code, works for a company maintaining the target, etc.).

Note that this review does not include checking for correctness or for code quality. We lack the review bandwidth or expertise to perform detailed reviews of tier 2 and tier 3 targets.


Target maintainers are listed for most targets in the platform support documentation.